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"Handlebar's Bio"

Handlebar was born three thousand years ago in Darkest Peru where he became an incredibly talented skateboarder. Raised by a pack of howler monkeys he was named Staaciintal translated from howler monkey as cat butt. Eventually his incredible skateboarding talent was recognized and all the major companies sponsored him. He lost all memory of his upbringing and his incredibly old age and moved to southern California and very quickly became the most famous skateboarder in the world.


He made millions and changed his name to Bob. But something was missing. Many years later he realized after a visit to the zoo that he was in truth a howler monkey by nature and returned to Darkest Peru where he met up with his family and stopped skateboarding. Several years later the Pogo Squad was passing through on a tour and met Bob who was out getting food for his family. They showed him a pogo stick and some tricks and when Bob showed interest Fin kindly gave him one to practice. About a week later Bob showed up at Fin's doorstep and showed him how good he had gotten. Fin immediately contacted the other members and Bob showed off his crazy peg stalling skills and gutsy hoohas that he had learned from doing them on and off twenty-foot trees. Bob decided to leave his home in Darkest Peru because he loved pogoing so much. He moved his family into a Long Island condo and visits them regularly. Bob changed his name to Handlebar after a mix up at an airplane terminal caused him to sit next to an extremely smelly woman who was lamenting the death of her dog for a twelve hour flight which caused him to jump out of the plane and swim to Cuba where he hid from the locals who thought he was a devil for 6 months until The Cube and Dcool tracked him down and brought him back.

Handlebar owns a GG pogo stick.  His favorite trick is the peg stall and he would some day like to land a 360 peg stall and a 180 peg stall into a grind.